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Buy Diamond

Does your old jewellery contain diamonds? Get extra cash by sending your diamond jewellery to us! We are GIA certified diamond buyer in Vancouver and currently looking for any 100% natural diamonds and will pay top dollar for your diamond jewellery.

  • Buy diamond engagement rings
  • Buy diamond earrings
  • Buy loose diamonds
  • Buy diamond necklaces
  • Buy diamond bracelets
  • Buy diamond rings

Please note we do buy any 100% natural diamonds in any shape, colour and cut but we do not accept “clarity enhanced”, synthetic or lab-grown diamonds. As always, you are protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How To Sell

Listed below are our current prices. Precious metal pricing is changing constantly so please contact us by phone for our most up-to-date pricing.

Current buying rates are below We will match all local competitors, guaranteed!

Gold Rates

Scrap Gold Individuals (<100g) Lots (>=100g)
24k Gold – 99.9% $42.63/g $46.46/g
22k Gold – 91.6% $39.06/g $42.56/g
20k Gold – 83.3% $35.52/g $38.70/g
18k Gold – 75% $31.98/g $34.85/g
14k Gold – 58.3% $24.86/g $27.09/g
12k Gold – 50% $21.32/g $23.23/g
10k Gold – 41.6% $17.74/g $19.33/g
8k Gold – 33.3% $14.20/g $15.47/g

Gold Coin

Coin Buy Price
Canada 1 ounce (9999) Maple Leaf Coins 1700/oz
Canada 1 ounce (999) Maple Leaf Coins 1670/oz
Canada Maple leaf, less than 1 ounce 55.14/g

Gold Bars

Gold Bars Buy Price
Gold 1 ounce (Recognized) 1680
Gold 10 ounce (Recognized) 16600
Gold 1kg (Recognized) 53690
Gold bars, less than 1 ounce (Recognized) 51/g
999 Gold bar (Unrecognized) 1600/oz

Silver and Platinum

silver jewellery and other siver Price
Silver Bars 1 ounce (Recognized) 19/oz
Silver Bars 10 ounce (Recognized) 19/oz
Maple Leaf (1 ounce Silver) 24.5/coin
Stamped Sterling Silver Flatware 0.55/g
Stamped Sterling Silver Jewellery 0.35/g
Mexican Silver stamped 925 0.25/g
Stamped 800 Silver 0.2/g
Unstamped scrap silver 0.35/g
Other silver coins 0.48/g
Platinum Price
Platinum (950 purity) 29.44/g

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We pay premium on anything made of gold, silver, platinum… and especially diamonds in any condition.

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We still offer you free and accurate estimates for the value of your jewelry even if you don’t sell to us.

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Sometimes it takes longer than you want, but there is typically little or no wait to get your cash


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About Us

Vancouver Cash for Gold is the most trusted gold buyer in Greater Vancouver Area. With 20 years of experience in refining precious metal industry, our professional will guide you the best ways to sell gold, silver and other precious metals such as platinum and palladium.

We buy DIAMOND. Your diamond will be carefully evaluated by our GIA Certified professional.


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